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Hello, I am Ashlee Sourapas (So-rap-iss), your Abundant Life Doula, now Midwife! I am so looking forward to getting to know you and hearing your story. I'll begin by telling you a bit of mine...


Formally, I am a Licensed Midwife by the Medical Board of CA and certified by the National American Registry of Midwives since 2019, a DONA certified birth Doula and a placenta encapsulation specialist. I am not currently taking doula clients, but am so grateful to be practicing as a midwife with the amazing team of midwives (and dear friends) at OC Midwifery.  I have poured my heart and life into doula and midwifery work since 2010 and have attended hundreds of beautiful and varying birth experiences in the home, birth center and hospital. It has been my joy to walk through life and pregnancy with each family. 


I began this journey with an unshakeable interest in the ability of a woman's body to create and sustain life, after seeing my mother deliver 2 of my 5 siblings, I knew I needed to know more. Working with mama's through this journey has only continued to fuel the fire. I feel that the ability to carry life and bring life into this world is a huge gift and miracle. I believe that each woman should be able to have an empowered and supported birth experience. I believe in the bodies innate ability to grow and birth babies and that this natural, physiologic experience is one best left untampered with.  I  believe in the body's ability to naturally replenish, restore, and renew itself and look to provide support for the mother throughout the postpartum period. I learned from my own birth experience that each story is unique and comes with its own lesson and I hope to honor that with each woman I stand beside. 


Outside of birth and placentas, I spend my time creating a life with my incredible husband, loving on our daughter Juniper and pup Mabel. We spend our free time working on our home garden, spending time with friends and family, artistically creating, good music, and making meals. I love the beach, being outdoors, a good farmers market and traveling. I am passionate about all things holistic living. Good nutrition, herbal remedies, homeopathy, essential oils, exercise and the mind body connection through meditation are some of my favorite things to talk and learn about. Most of all, I just try to keep it real in a world full of crazy. We all need a little bit more real and honest in our lives. 



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