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home water birth

For those of you planning a homebirth that would like water to be part of your labor or birth, full birth tub kits are available to rent.  Birth tub rentals can be used for labor and delivery with a midwife and will hopefully help to give you the birth experience of your dreams!


I have several birth tub rental kits available each month. The kit can be rented for $150 and includes:


  • 1 birth pool

  • 2 hoses

  • air pump

  • sump pump

  • pool liner

  • thermometer

  • tarp

  • instructions for set up










In order to rent a birth tub kit from Abudant Life Doula Services, you must read the rental agreement in its entirety, sign the agreement and return it promptly to reserve your birth month. When a rental kit becomes avaiable,  you will be contacted to coordinate its pick up, this is usually between 2-4 weeks prior to your due date. 


While it is difficult to plan which tub you will receive for your kit, you can plan to have either the Aquaborn or LaBassine birth pool. For dimensions and details, please click on their links. 



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