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words from my clients...

"When I look back on the story of how we welcomed our sweet Sequoia into this world, I am overwhelmed with peace. My soul fills with warmth at how wonderful our experience giving birth actually was. When we found out we were pregnant we immediately knew that we wanted Ashlee to help us along our journey as our doula. Ashlee jumped right in from the start by guiding us to educating ourselves with videos, classes, proper vitamins, good nutrition and so much more. Her involvement and encouragement made us feel at ease throughout the pregnancy, and we knew we were being well taken care of. Our labor was wonderful and it truly did not seem like the 27 hours it turned out to be. I was amazed with Ashlee's knowledge, consideration and they way she coached me and my husband so that we were a team during labor and delivery. Ashlee also encapsulated my placenta. I am now a firm believer in the healing properties and benefits of this overlooked practice. The difference from not having them the first few days after delivery, to taking them three times a day everyday, was like night and day. I couldn't believe how much better I felt and how it helped my milk supply! We could not have done it without her expertise and warmth and we hope she will have us for the births of our children to come."


Placentia, CA

Aaron, Sydney & baby Sequioa

It's plain to see there is only one reason Abundant Life Doula Services is doing this work; because her heart tells her to, and she joyfully listens. Being a single mom is tough. Going through pregnancy, there is nobody here to hold your hand and go to dr apts with you or rub your feet or back when you're in pain. You don't have the same luxuries as women with partners do. However, I will say when I shared that I was a single mom, desiring to have my placenta encapsulated, Ashlee went out of her way to make the process easy and convenient for myself as a new mommy of just one week. She is quick thorough and is passionate about her services for moms! I highly recommend her, you won't just gain some quality placenta pills, you will gain a new friend. Thank you Ashlee for making me feel like I can do and have it all, even as a single mommy. Much love and gratitude.
-Jennelle and baby Amadi

Newport Beach, CA 

"After doing a lot of research, I decided to have my baby at home, and decided to have Ashlee as our Doula. We called Ashlee early on during my labor (I didn't know it was early because it was my first time being in labor!) and she arrived promptly. She never left my side. My husband and I were a bit anxious when she arrived, and she entered our home with a calming presence that lasted the entire duration of my 16 hour labor. Her reassuring words, gentle touch, and intuitive nature was a God send. I felt safe and taken care of. I will always have a special place in my heart for Ashlee because in my most vulnerable state, she cared for me with such love. I am forever grateful."

Fullerton, CA 

"Ashlee was nothing short of a joy to work with during my pregnancy and postpartum: I rented a birth tub from her, and she was always incredibly responsive with answers to my many questions! Even though it was simply a birth tub rental, her warmth and love for birthing mamas shone through... I will definitely call her in the future for my next births (and placentas)!"


Orange, CA

Brian, Rachael, & baby Savanah

"My husband and I were having a hard time choosing a doula for the birth of our daughter when I asked Ashlee for some advice. She answered my questions and then told us she was a doula. I started jumping for joy and begged her to take us as clients! Ashlee was there with me every second of the way and I could never repay her for the support and love she gave to me during the birth of our daughter. I had only known Ashlee for 5 months at that point, and never knew that I could have such a deep connection with someone. I didn't speak much during labor, but felt that Ashlee knew what I was saying the whole time. She knew what I needed when I needed it, and I didn't even have to ask. We will always have a very special place in our hearts for Ashlee and hope that if we decide to have another child she will be a part of it with us."


Costa Mesa, CA

"I had the pleasure of seeing Ashlee throughout my pregnancy at the birth center. Everytime I saw her, she always made me feel beautiful and special (even when I felt like a whale). She would also tell me to "go to my happy place" when my blood pressure just didnt seem right...and it worked everytime! Ashlee also did the encapsulation of my placenta. Everything about it went smoothly, from signing up to getting it once the baby came. I took the pills as instructed and didnt need them for very long. I didnt have postpartum depression and my milk supply seems to be very good. As Francesca, who is 100% breastfed, has gained a healthy amount of weight since birth. We have a sweet, squishy little love muffin! So thank you Ashlee, for helping me before and after baby! I definitely recommend your sweet and helpful services to every family!!"


Lake Forest, CA

Charlie & Oliver

"I first met Ashlee through our midwife, and we were her first doula clients. Coincidently, or perhaps as fate would have it, it was also our first birth. Ashlee met with us several times prenatally and came to some midwife appointments to develop a birth plan and relationship with us. She also gave us ideas for things such as a baby moon, and she helped me review items I needed for myself and our baby. She asked about classes I was planning to take and informed me that she would attend them with me if needed. She was an amazing companion at my birth. Actually when I think of my entire birth, all 16 hours of it, she is who I most remember being at my side. Ashlee also stayed the entire night, awake with me screaming, and kept me as calm and as comfortable as possible. Women are made to nurture and comfort and she just came in and took care of me completely. From massages, setting up the pool/tub, to getting food or juice, and she even held the puke bucket....everything. I feel like she supported me in ways I didn't imagine I would even need. 

   Then a short year and 8 days later, Ashlee was again by my side as, I gave birth to our son. The second time was even better, and the first birth was hard to beat, mainly because I was much more relaxed and she just jumped in knowing me well by the second baby. Her and I, again, had a lot of personal moments one of which was eating animal cookies on the yoga ball in my room a mere hour before giving birth to our son. She is truly a special girl who is kind and beautiful. It seems as though she was made for this. It never seemed as if she was a stranger it always felt like my sister was by my side. I love her, my family and I will never forget her. 

    Also a special note I have to make, my mom and I don't get along and she stresses me out. Ashlee talked to my husband and volunteered as a stranger to maintain boundaries with my mom that I wanted in place, As my mom is abrasive and not nurturing. Ashlee didn't want my husband who has to live with my mom to have to worry about upsetting her for the future. So cool, and she did a great job with my mom and keeping her at bay too....she is awesome!"


Anaheim, CA

"We love Ashlee! We used her birth tub & encapsulation services. When I saw her at South Coast Midwifery, she was really good at taking blood which is big for me since I'm not a fan of it. She is fast, professional, genuine and kind. When renting the tub she made it easy and was again professional and sweet as pie. One of the things I loved about her is she takes the time to educate you. I appreciated her patience in explaining things to me. I was sold on placenta encapsulation and was happy to receive my capsules in a nice glass jar, with a little note of instructions, and my umbilical cord in the shape of a heart! She was also our educator on our birth details class (at SCM) and with all the information she had to cover, she made it applicable and fun. After we had our baby we went to go see her sing and we learned she has even more talent outside the birthing world. That stuff just doesn't happen in other health care environments. She's a gem and I would recommend her to anyone!!!"


Rancho Santa Margerita, CA

Matt, Katie & their girls 

"We have loved working with Ashlee and feel blessed that she is part of our birth story! We were fortunate to first meet Ashlee as clients of South Coast Midwifery. Each time we came into the birth center Ashlee was so welcoming and kind. We were thrilled to learn that someone who we had developed a positive relationship with could help us with the encapsulation of our placenta. Ashlee was always professional and quick to answer our questions, she even accommodated our request to have a tincture made with our placenta, in addition to capsules. I noticed a significant positive impact in my mood during my postpartum period while taking the capsules and I will definitely be using Ashlee's services in pregnancies to come. As luck would have it, Ashlee was the on call birth assistant during our birth center birth and I was so happy that she was present at our birth. She brought such a positive and calm energy to our birth. No matter which services you are interested in, I would highly recommend involving Ashlee in your birth story. "

Corona Del Mar, CA 

"Ashlee is fantastic.  When our birth plan went a bit awry, and I later found out that we didn't have access to my placenta for 72 hours, I was feeling pretty negative about the whole situation.  When we finally got my placenta to Ashlee, she stepped up to the plate and had it encapsulated and ready for me the next day!  The energy and enthusiasm I've experienced since made it all worth it.  I can't appreciate her enough for her speed, quality, and graciousness."


Costa Mesa, CA

"Ashlee was so helpful with our placenta encapsulation. Because we lived so close she offered to pick up the placenta the same day our sweet baby was born and brought the capsules back the next day. She also made a cute keepsake heart out of the umbilical cord. I adore Ashlee and would recommend her to anyone!"


Orange, CA

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